Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

45 second Animation Storyboard

1. Mid aged guy, just released from prison of 20 years.
2. Rides the bus and is dumbfounded by the headphones.
Shows how long he has been incarcerated.
3. Walks thru the city, while being followed by an unexpected visitor.

4. He passes by some wedding rings reminding him of the past.
5. Gets hungry and his stomach is exaggerated.
6. Waiting for his next bus while being hungry.
Seeing the city scape in the background with the visitor floating.

7. Character is grumpy and upset because he is hungry and dwells on the past.
8. On his walk to his house he finds a phone on the ground.
9. It rings and he picks it up and answers it.

10. A furious person yells at him and curses at him.
11. He gets angry and displays his frustration.
12. Walking up to his house while being trailed by a visitor.

13. Beam of light comes down on him.
14. He gets sucked up into the sky.
15. We see the UFO take off real quick and disappear into the background.