Tuesday, September 15, 2015

45 second Animation Storyboard

1. Mid aged guy, just released from prison of 20 years.
2. Rides the bus and is dumbfounded by the headphones.
Shows how long he has been incarcerated.
3. Walks thru the city, while being followed by an unexpected visitor.

4. He passes by some wedding rings reminding him of the past.
5. Gets hungry and his stomach is exaggerated.
6. Waiting for his next bus while being hungry.
Seeing the city scape in the background with the visitor floating.

7. Character is grumpy and upset because he is hungry and dwells on the past.
8. On his walk to his house he finds a phone on the ground.
9. It rings and he picks it up and answers it.

10. A furious person yells at him and curses at him.
11. He gets angry and displays his frustration.
12. Walking up to his house while being trailed by a visitor.

13. Beam of light comes down on him.
14. He gets sucked up into the sky.
15. We see the UFO take off real quick and disappear into the background.


  1. I like your idea thus far but I do have questions on how are you going to push him not not adapting to the advancements of technology from now versus 20 years ago. If you want to show something following him let it look around other places away from him too. I understand you want to keep the element of surprise and mystery by not showing it to the audience. Although it may be obvious because of the magnified lens viewpoint. Will their be a flashback of bubble above his head showing he was married when he approach the rings? There are so many scenes in this seconds so you may not need all of these scenarios. Cut one if you agree. Don't spend to much time on the bus ride because it could be too boring unless you reveal the alien in the distance flying and showing it's face. Phone scenario is effective because it shows major emotion of the character. Alien abduction is great twist to the story. Things were already hard for this character and reality slaps another misfortune to this character. (smh) You leave me in suspense because I want to know if he is probed, experimented on or treated wonderfully by these aliens?

  2. Act1

    Your act one is working well, you introduce the character quickly and you are straight to the point.

    1.The main character could be wearing old fashion clothing.
    2. To some viewers he could be responding to the music the headphone guy is wearing, so you might want him to comment, "what are those things", or something in that manner.

    To me act one and 2 are too similar. In both acts he is strolling through the town. You could add more exaggerated conflicts. I like the idea of how he was shocked by new technology earlier. So maybe you could show him trying to use a high tec device and destroying it out of frustration. Also since so much time has gone by, he could go to a friends or a love ones house and be shocked by how much they changed. I think the aliens should also effect his day more. Maybe failed attempts to capture him could interfere with his daily activities. (For example, instead of taking him, they take his pet dog by mistake.) Over all, I think act two needs more conflicts.

    The ending works well, but it would be nice if their was more anticipation, the aliens came down to ambush him or you show a shot of them calling him on the phone instead. Over all, it is a good idea to have your character to be adducted but your story needs stronger conflicts.

  3. The story has an interesting end, but I wonder if you should make it less about him "dwelling in the past." With 45 seconds, will you be able to draw out all the stuff that he's recalling? Or will it even be brought up and is it necessary if so? Just something to think about.

  4. I don't understand the story. I don't understand the ending of him just being abducted by aliens. It feels like the whole 45 second animation would be act 1 for a bigger story, but right now, it feels really incomplete. I feel completely thrown off guard by him being abducted by aliens.

    I'm also confused about him grabbing the phone and then answering it. How does he know how to talk on the phone if he lack of knowledge of tech? I want to see him struggle with the phone. I want everything to be so foreign to him that you can feel how lost he is. I want to emotionally bond with this character by how much he struggles to try to comprehend tech.

    It has too many parts that aren't necessary to the story.

  5. I wanna know more about this character! Maybe like why he was in prison? Right now i think you have a good basic outline. Now you need to go back in and give it character! Knowing your main character will help this! You can get some good character performance with your main character after you flesh him out. ( a design would be a good start place! cause i didnt see a design for your character?) Think about it like soup! You've a good mix start but you need throw some spices in!

  6. it feels like you are missing a lot of information, stuff just happens to this guy, but he is not an active part of this story, therefore not as interesting

  7. I don't really understand the story I feel like in your storyboards you are trying to tell to stories but are messing a lot of information about both of them. I want to know more about your main character who is he besides being ex prisoner. I also get mislead by the aliens that follow him why are they important are the aliens a part of the environment something new to the ex prisoner that he doesn't understand like the technology.

    I Think this is the base of the story you are telling

    Guy who is released into an environment he doesn't understand I think you should stick to this base an give us more information or if you wish for the aliens to be the story I would tell it from their point of view which sounds more interesting

  8. I'm not quite getting the ending, it feels just kind of like a way to rush it and kill the character off. The text says there should be some contemplation on the past, being in prison 20 years, but the cards don't show how that will play out visually.

    Maybe a bit more research on his holding facility needs to be done? Most prisoners are allowed access to outside news, items, technologies, etc. So perhaps he could just be a prisoner that was being held in severe captivity and experimented on or something? I don't know, I'm just wondering how his origins could connect with this kind of abrupt ending. Did he "phone home" to the aliens? If he were really that shut out from tech and society, would he know how to answer a smartphone?